25 things you should know about me

  1. My name is RyanManny MachadoCreative Commons License Keith Allison via Compfight
  2. My favorite sport is baseball
  3. I go to crossroads church
  4. My favorite game is UNDERTALE
  5. My favorite movie is Avatar
  6. I have a iPhone 7
  7. I am not a person who likes fashion
  8. My hero is my mom
  9. I love chocolate
  10. I love watching football
  11. I love hamburgers
  12. My favorite color isĀ blue
  13. My favorite subject in school is science
  14. I love camping
  15. I love dogs
  16. My favorite animal is a tiger
  17. My favorite football team is the Bengals
  18. I love Florida we go there almost every year
  19. I like school and the teachers
  20. I have four sisters
  21. I have a dog named Bailey
  22. I have two cats one mean one nice
  23. I like playing on my trampoline
  24. My favorite instrument is the base
  25. My favorite dinner is salmon with mashed potatoes and corn

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