Why I chose my avatar

I chose this avatar because I have always liked all the animals on him. There is a hyena, eagle, tiger shark and a lion. The kid looks a little crazy but I am a little crazy too. The avatar has so many animals like I have so many things I like doing. I have always liked the color orange so, that why I picked a lion. I picked the eagle wings because I think it would be cool to fly one day. The last thing I like about this avatar is the hyena ears, I like them because I am such a quiet sleeper I can here a mouse peep from across the house.

If I had to choose from one of the it would be the lion because the lion can run up to 50 mph. Did you know lions can have up to 2 or 3 cubs? A typical lion lives up to only 10 to 14 years. A normal lion has up to 30 teeth, a lions normal pray isĀ Antelopes, buffalo, impalas, zebras, wild hogs and wildebeest are good prey. That is why the lion is my favorite animal whats yours?

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